Nowadays, various cash transactions are ongoing – someone needs a loan every day, and every day they turn to one of the fast credit companies – online. There is no shortage of customers for lenders offering fast credit as a service. In Latvia, it is possible to borrow for a large part of the population – already at the age of 18.

First free loan lets you not spend a penny out of your wallet

First free loan lets you not spend a penny out of your wallet

Internet credit – fast credit becomes the choice of the Latvian population when a relatively small cash loan is required and, with a short term repayment term – up to 30 days – with the possibility of further extension. The first credit – it’s free – with multiple lenders. The first free loan lets you not spend a penny out of your wallet, as the lender will have to return just as much money as he borrowed.

Both the first and all recurring quick loans are without collateral and without any documentation . The borrowing process requires only a few things – a bank account, an active phone number, and elsewhere an email address. The person wishing to borrow must have access to Internet Banking – to pay the registration fee – 1 santim – thus verifying their details and bank account.

How much can I borrow? How Big is a Quick Credit?

How much can I borrow? How Big is a Quick Credit?

  • Depending on the loan company you choose – most often fast loans for new clients, up to 200 USD on first borrowing;
  • When the first loan is repaid, the credit obligation is exemplarily fulfilled, it is “raised”, meaning that the next time the loan is needed, it may be higher;
  • The maximum amount of a quick loan offered to receive most often is up to 300 – 400 USD;
  • There are also lenders that are not limited to a few hundred but offer their clients loans up to 1000 USD – even without pledge, guarantee and any documents.

Internet Credit – Fast Credit – Where Can I Get It?


  • New clients can get a quick loan from 5 to 200 USD – FREE!
  • clients can become Latvian residents from the age of 18;
  • People who are unemployed can also borrow here – quick credit without a job;
  • You can also borrow here if you have another outstanding loan with another lender;

Boho Credit

  • New clients of the company can borrow from 50 to 150 USD – FREE!
  • Clients – 18 years of age;
  • Unemployed persons may also borrow, provided that their ability to repay the loan is realistic;


  • For new clients, the first instant loan up to 100 USD is FREE!
  • Latvian residents aged 21 and over can become Zaloan customers;
  • There is no need for a compulsory job, but it is important that the chances of repayment are real;


  • The loan amount is from 50 to 1500 USD;
  • Available credit – depends on the person’s creditworthiness;
  • This loan can be applied for by residents of Latvia from 18 years of age – persons with regular income and without violating credit obligations;


  • Loan amounts at Hypocredit can range from 50 to 1000 USD;
  • The amount of loan available to clients is applied individually;
  • Persons over 19 years of age who have a regular income and a positive credit history can become borrowers;

Online Credit – Fast credit from a person who wants to borrow doesn’t require much – neither for long nor for effort. Borrowing online allows you to apply for credit from anywhere. Wherever you are, it can be quick and easy to get into your bank account wherever you are, but always consider your chances to repay it before you borrow.